The Online Mace Certification People Are Raving About!

Being a professional fitness trainer, you are well-equipped with the knowledge and the latest techniques of weight loss. Thanks to the FFC online mace certification you have taken; you know exactly how to help your clients effectively. However, it is necessary to educate your clients and empower them with some basic facts so, that they are able to identify the main culprits behind their weight gain. Share some of the knowledge you gained through the FFC steel mace certifications with your clients.

Are Fats the Main Culprits?

Let your clients become aware of the factors that truly affect weight loss so, that they can work more effectively toward weight management. Generally the moment there is weight gain it is attributed to fat, but realistically speaking fat is gained or even lost at far moderate rates.

One would be requiring between 3500 to 10,500 Calories more than what he is burning each week for accumulating or gaining between 1 to 3 pounds of fat. This means one would actually require between 500 to 1500 calories over each day which seems impractical if he is on a diet and also it is pretty unlikely that one can eat so much every day.

Convince your clients that fats are not really majorly responsible for any drastic weight gain or loss over a span of few days.

What is the Actual Role of Muscles?

One tends to gain or lose muscles at slower rates just like fats. However, though fat loss or a muscle gain program is apparently slow, any muscle loss brings about weight loss much promptly than one expects. That is chiefly because muscle comprises only approximately 500 calories that can be burnt from proteins.

In case any of your clients has a daily shortfall of 500 calories he can potentially lose up to 7 pounds without any real fat loss if he is burning muscle only.

What is the Contribution of Food?

Food consumed daily can cause major fluctuations in weight. Diet can influence weight loss. Overeating can result in more stuff, either undigested or left over after digestion, in the gut. Drinking protein shakes will ensure that stomach content is actually minimal.

Often vegans and vegetarians are actually slimmer than those who eat meat even though they consume equal number of calories per day. This is because the way the body generally metabolizes calories, differs according to the source of the calories. Foods that are high on cholesterol or saturated fat content do not benefit metabolism like the plant proteins and fibrous food do.

What Other Factors are Responsible?

Carbs can cause weight gain as they get accumulated in muscle. They are believed to weigh far more per Calorie as compared to fat. They get accumulated as glycogen in muscles and raise the water content by almost three times.

Higher intake of sodium boosts water retention hence weight gain is obvious. Creatine, though an effective supplement for enhancing power and strength, results in around 2 to 3 pound weight gain.

Cortisol May Cause Havoc

Exercising with the steel mace as well as dieting are said to boost cortisol. Cortisol is responsible in water retention hence, contributes to weight gain. Cortisol goes up due to stress, insomnia and injuries. When you discuss the various factors that boost weight loss, you are able to demonstrate your knowledge that you gained by taking certified strength and conditioning certifications. If you would like to read more from FFC about weigh loss, Follow them on Twitter for daily tips.