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SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Your Personal Trainer Website

If you are running a personal training or fitness business in Coogee, then having a website is a must in this social media age. Create a website that highlights your profile and experience. Post videos of your various clients who have given you positive testimonials. Remember to mention your details such as address and office timings in the ‘contact us’ page.

However, there is also a problem that many personal trainers who run a fitness business make as part of their fitness marketing. While creating their Coogee Fitness Personal Trainer website, they make a lot of search engine optimisation mistakes which can easily be fixed. Following are the common mistakes and the steps that should be taken to rectify them.

Local search optimisation

Most gym goers find places that are near their workplace or their house in Coogee. If you want to reach out to these type of people, then keep your search to be more local. By adding your area or location name in the meta descriptions, title tags over even adding addresses and phone numbers will get enough interests from prospective clients near your workshop.

In addition, you can also set up directory listing on various sites such as Yelp, that direct people towards your fitness business in Coogee. Listing in other local search directories will only help your business grow in the long run.

Personal Trainer Website

Set up unique meta descriptions and title tags

You need to ensure that your title tags and meta descriptions give the right impression about your fitness business. Title tags are those that appears above the html right on top of the page. It is a summary of what exactly the content of the webpage is trying to convey.

Meta description is a snipped explaining the crux or the objective of your business when it appears on the search engine results page. Make sure you use the right keywords so that there are more people visiting your website.

Invest wisely in SEO

Instead of spending a bomb on ensuring that your website stays amongst the top three results on the search engine optimisation page, it is better that you carefully look for alternatives to boost your rating. If you list your website on various directories, it will automatically increase your rating. So, instead of spending on so much on managing your SEO, spend on effective tools that will increase your ranking.

Well written articles or write-ups

Educating your Coogee customers about health and fitness always works in your favour. If you keep writing well written articles and give tips on improving health or lifestyle, your Coogee Fitness Personal Trainer website will be an instant hit. Keep adding SEO words to all your content so that it gets selected when a Coogee customer wants to know about health or fitness on search engines.

Also, constantly updating your website helps as you are offering something fresh to your prospective customers. You can also hire a copy write to churn out content every week for your website.