Tips for Converting a Free Bootcamp Session into a Paying Customer

If you are interested in increasing your client base as a Bondi personal trainer, you need to increase the selling skills. You might wonder how to go about doing this. Follow the steps given below to convert good efforts – to great efforts.

Taking the initiative

Once a client has committed to a training session, do not just sit back and wait for the specified day before make contact. Phone the client the night before the appointed day  to remind him or her of the bootcamp session. This will emphasize your attention and commitment – aspects that will stand you in good stead during future sessions.

Making the client feel comfortable

When the client turns up for the first bootcamp session in Bondi, make sure you introduce him or her to other people who are training in the gym. The first forage into anything can prove intimidating. Once such introduction takes place the client will feel more comfortable and would probably look forward to regular membership.

Offer a test-training session

When initially discussing bootcamp sessions with a prospective client, it is a good idea to offer a test-training session. Such an offer will not only give the client a taste of what to expect, getting anything free always swings a deal into more positive mode. From your point of view, it could also prove a good time to check out whether you and the Bondi client can work well together. The client may have other expectations, and if this is the case you could always refer the client to another reputed personal trainer.

Helpful tips

The whole purpose of offering a test training session is to convince the client that such training will help him or her to reach their goals. During your reminder phone call to the client if the latter throws up a whole lot of questions which need to be answered in detail, let the client know that you will deal with such queries during the first training session. In case the client loses interest, do not fret. If real interest exists, a firm booking will come about.

Options on packages offered

When informing clients of the training packages on offer, it would be a good idea to give them a couple of options depending on the type of training they are looking at, time-wise. If the client has a choice and advice from you on which is the better offer to accept, chances are the client will go for the option advocated by you.

Building a good rapport

It is important to build a good client-trainer relationship. Keep the client’s interest peaked at all times. You can do this by introducing new routines, as also helping him or her to overcome a few difficult ones. This will help the client to realise that working out can prove fun and something to look forward to, instead of a punishment routine. It is a situation that could definitely convert into a sale.