The Online Mace Certification People Are Raving About!

Being a professional fitness trainer, you are well-equipped with the knowledge and the latest techniques of weight loss. Thanks to the FFC online mace certification you have taken; you know exactly how to help your clients effectively. However, it is necessary to educate your clients and empower them with some basic facts so, that they are able to identify the main culprits behind their weight gain. Share some of the knowledge you gained through the FFC steel mace certifications with your clients.

Are Fats the Main Culprits?

Let your clients become aware of the factors that truly affect weight loss so, that they can work more effectively toward weight management. Generally the moment there is weight gain it is attributed to fat, but realistically speaking fat is gained or even lost at far moderate rates.

One would be requiring between 3500 to 10,500 Calories more than what he is burning each week for accumulating or gaining between 1 to 3 pounds of fat. This means one would actually require between 500 to 1500 calories over each day which seems impractical if he is on a diet and also it is pretty unlikely that one can eat so much every day.

Convince your clients that fats are not really majorly responsible for any drastic weight gain or loss over a span of few days.

What is the Actual Role of Muscles?

One tends to gain or lose muscles at slower rates just like fats. However, though fat loss or a muscle gain program is apparently slow, any muscle loss brings about weight loss much promptly than one expects. That is chiefly because muscle comprises only approximately 500 calories that can be burnt from proteins.

In case any of your clients has a daily shortfall of 500 calories he can potentially lose up to 7 pounds without any real fat loss if he is burning muscle only.

What is the Contribution of Food?

Food consumed daily can cause major fluctuations in weight. Diet can influence weight loss. Overeating can result in more stuff, either undigested or left over after digestion, in the gut. Drinking protein shakes will ensure that stomach content is actually minimal.

Often vegans and vegetarians are actually slimmer than those who eat meat even though they consume equal number of calories per day. This is because the way the body generally metabolizes calories, differs according to the source of the calories. Foods that are high on cholesterol or saturated fat content do not benefit metabolism like the plant proteins and fibrous food do.

What Other Factors are Responsible?

Carbs can cause weight gain as they get accumulated in muscle. They are believed to weigh far more per Calorie as compared to fat. They get accumulated as glycogen in muscles and raise the water content by almost three times.

Higher intake of sodium boosts water retention hence weight gain is obvious. Creatine, though an effective supplement for enhancing power and strength, results in around 2 to 3 pound weight gain.

Cortisol May Cause Havoc

Exercising with the steel mace as well as dieting are said to boost cortisol. Cortisol is responsible in water retention hence, contributes to weight gain. Cortisol goes up due to stress, insomnia and injuries. When you discuss the various factors that boost weight loss, you are able to demonstrate your knowledge that you gained by taking certified strength and conditioning certifications. If you would like to read more from FFC about weigh loss, Follow them on Twitter for daily tips.

The Benefits of Boot Camp Personal Training


How Long to See Results from Boot Camp?

Boot camps are your best option if you want to lose weight safely and sustain your ideal weight for years. However, weight loss has no quick fix solution that is safe and effective. It requires time; dedication and a methodized workout plan created by an expert. It is best to consult your boot camp instructor regarding your weight loss goals.

Personal Training

He will evaluate your present fitness level; understand your aspirations and give you a realistic picture of how fast you can see the results without compromising on your health and stamina. Be sure to check out Dangerously Fit Personal Trainers.



The Pitfalls of Quick Weight Loss
Many people are desperate to lose weight quickly and resort to drastic measures that promise the moon. There are so many crash diet plans staring at you; TV workouts that guarantee dramatic change overnight; fitness ‘experts’ who offer free tips; the temptations to give in are unending. But stop! Consider the pitfalls of such quick fix solutions and the irreparable damage they cause to your body.

When you exercise too much or drastically cut down your food intake, you are actually causing more harm than good. Your body becomes weak from within; catabolism sets in and your muscles start degenerating and you become susceptible to injuries. The entire working mechanism of your body slows down and so does your metabolic rate. You might want to consider personal training.

For healthy and sustained weight loss, you need to maintain an optimum metabolic rate throughout the day. This includes days you are exercising and rest days too. For this, you need to take three wholesome meals and three healthy snacks throughout the day. You should also give your body adequate rest to recover from the rigours of your workouts the previous day at the boot camp. Without rest, the muscles start breaking down to release energy and this actually slows down the weight loss process.

Moreover, depriving yourself of food or rest is psychologically stressful and stress is always a negative factor that tricks your body into storing fat.

How Fast can you See the Results?

Experts maintain that a healthy rate of weight loss means it should take you about ten to twelve weeks to really see a difference in your shape. Anything faster is unrealistic and unhealthy. If you eat right, workout regularly and take adequate rest; you will definitely reach your fitness goal by this time. Continue with this schedule to maintain a healthy weight and a fit body for life. Of course, the rate of weight loss can vary depending on how overweight you are and your present fitness level.

If you are somewhat fit, you can perform more strenuous exercises and the weight loss will be faster. In general, aim to lose about two pounds per week through boot camp workouts on alternate days and maintaining a healthy diet. You may see some instant result but that will be because you have finally cut down on all those unhealthy snacks; fast food and takeaways. This is not actual fat loss but a process of de-bloating which makes you look trimmer and healthier as you are no longer piling up on unhealthy food.

HCG Injections – What to Expect?

HCG is a well-known drug created from a neurotoxin manufactured by Clostridium botulinum bacterium referred to as botulinum toxin. HCG is clinically used for treating certain muscular issues and for cosmetically removing wrinkles by paralysing muscles temporarily. When HCG injections are administered by trained and fully qualified medical professional, they are said to be relatively safe.

Administration of HCG injections may trigger some temporary and mild side effects. Bruising, tenderness and pain have been reported in some cases post HCG injections. Some patients have complained of slight headache post treatment with HCG injections. Nausea or flu-like symptoms have been reported in rare cases.


When to Expect Results?

HCG starts to work usually, in the initial 24 to 48 hours post treatment. Usually results are visible within three to say ten days or may be sooner after the injection is administered. But HCG may take about a fortnight to reach its maximum effect.

The effect of HCG is said to last for three to four months in most patients. The muscle activity eventually becomes normal with the passing of time. Moreover, other areas tend to resume normal activity sometime sooner or later. It all depends on the amount of the drug injected.

Tips for Converting a Free Bootcamp Session into a Paying Customer

If you are interested in increasing your client base as a Bondi personal trainer, you need to increase the selling skills. You might wonder how to go about doing this. Follow the steps given below to convert good efforts – to great efforts.

Taking the initiative

Once a client has committed to a training session, do not just sit back and wait for the specified day before make contact. Phone the client the night before the appointed day  to remind him or her of the bootcamp session. This will emphasize your attention and commitment – aspects that will stand you in good stead during future sessions.

Making the client feel comfortable

When the client turns up for the first bootcamp session in Bondi, make sure you introduce him or her to other people who are training in the gym. The first forage into anything can prove intimidating. Once such introduction takes place the client will feel more comfortable and would probably look forward to regular membership.

Offer a test-training session

When initially discussing bootcamp sessions with a prospective client, it is a good idea to offer a test-training session. Such an offer will not only give the client a taste of what to expect, getting anything free always swings a deal into more positive mode. From your point of view, it could also prove a good time to check out whether you and the Bondi client can work well together. The client may have other expectations, and if this is the case you could always refer the client to another reputed personal trainer.

Helpful tips

The whole purpose of offering a test training session is to convince the client that such training will help him or her to reach their goals. During your reminder phone call to the client if the latter throws up a whole lot of questions which need to be answered in detail, let the client know that you will deal with such queries during the first training session. In case the client loses interest, do not fret. If real interest exists, a firm booking will come about.

Options on packages offered

When informing clients of the training packages on offer, it would be a good idea to give them a couple of options depending on the type of training they are looking at, time-wise. If the client has a choice and advice from you on which is the better offer to accept, chances are the client will go for the option advocated by you.

Building a good rapport

It is important to build a good client-trainer relationship. Keep the client’s interest peaked at all times. You can do this by introducing new routines, as also helping him or her to overcome a few difficult ones. This will help the client to realise that working out can prove fun and something to look forward to, instead of a punishment routine. It is a situation that could definitely convert into a sale.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Your Personal Trainer Website

If you are running a personal training or fitness business in Coogee, then having a website is a must in this social media age. Create a website that highlights your profile and experience. Post videos of your various clients who have given you positive testimonials. Remember to mention your details such as address and office timings in the ‘contact us’ page.

However, there is also a problem that many personal trainers who run a fitness business make as part of their fitness marketing. While creating their Coogee Fitness Personal Trainer website, they make a lot of search engine optimisation mistakes which can easily be fixed. Following are the common mistakes and the steps that should be taken to rectify them.

Local search optimisation

Most gym goers find places that are near their workplace or their house in Coogee. If you want to reach out to these type of people, then keep your search to be more local. By adding your area or location name in the meta descriptions, title tags over even adding addresses and phone numbers will get enough interests from prospective clients near your workshop.

In addition, you can also set up directory listing on various sites such as Yelp, that direct people towards your fitness business in Coogee. Listing in other local search directories will only help your business grow in the long run.

Personal Trainer Website

Set up unique meta descriptions and title tags

You need to ensure that your title tags and meta descriptions give the right impression about your fitness business. Title tags are those that appears above the html right on top of the page. It is a summary of what exactly the content of the webpage is trying to convey.

Meta description is a snipped explaining the crux or the objective of your business when it appears on the search engine results page. Make sure you use the right keywords so that there are more people visiting your website.

Invest wisely in SEO

Instead of spending a bomb on ensuring that your website stays amongst the top three results on the search engine optimisation page, it is better that you carefully look for alternatives to boost your rating. If you list your website on various directories, it will automatically increase your rating. So, instead of spending on so much on managing your SEO, spend on effective tools that will increase your ranking.

Well written articles or write-ups

Educating your Coogee customers about health and fitness always works in your favour. If you keep writing well written articles and give tips on improving health or lifestyle, your Coogee Fitness Personal Trainer website will be an instant hit. Keep adding SEO words to all your content so that it gets selected when a Coogee customer wants to know about health or fitness on search engines.

Also, constantly updating your website helps as you are offering something fresh to your prospective customers. You can also hire a copy write to churn out content every week for your website.

Healthy eating habits

On a daily basis, new fat burners hit the market and the number of people who are drawn to each option that comes along, is large. While many of the weight loss options that hit the market do help people lose weight, the results are not permanent. If you wish to lose weight, you need to consider a long term solution, rather than just temporary ones that get rid of fat, only to replace it with extra fat later. A healthy diet is the best way in which to get fit and stay healthy. A healthy diet does not mean that you need to starve yourself silly or torture yourself by abstaining from foods that you love. All that it implies is that you need to make a few changes in your diet and eating habits that will help your body look and feel good.

Include foods in your diet that are high in nutrients. There is no single food that supplies all the nutrients that the body requires. Therefore, study the Food Guide Pyramid and the Nutrition Fact panel that comes on foods. You will be able to ensure that you are getting your daily share of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Include vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet. These will boost your metabolism, and are also low in calories. These foods can taste amazing, if cooked well. So hunt for a good cookbook and prepare some lip-smacking dishes.oral health

Keep a tab on your weight. This, again, does not mean that you need to be obsessed with each pound that is gained or lost. Exercise regularly, and if you find that there is unexplained weight loss or gain, it is wise to consult a medical professional.

Eat regular meals which are of moderate portions. Do not gorge on food all at one point of time and starve yourself at other times. Eat 4 to 6 medium sized meals each day. This will keep your body stable through the day. Also, reduce the size of the plates you have around the house. You will not be tempted to eat more, in this case.

Drink a lot of water. Water flushes out toxins and other unnecessary things from your body and keeps you healthy and hydrated. Never compromise on drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.

Make changes to your diet gradually. Any changes that you make overnight will not last as your body is sure to rebel against the changes. Give your body time to get into the routine of your new diet and introduce changes one by one. This is the best way in which to gain good health with your new, healthy eating habits.

• Keep in mind that there are no “good” or “bad” foods. All foods have their role and purpose. It is up to you to balance your eating habits and consume them in moderation.